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In order to operate a vehicle legally in the streets of Utah, you must register it, title it and get license plates.

Utah offers you to get standard or personalized license plates. The application process is not that hard and you may carry it out by yourself. However, if you have made a purchase with a help of a dealer, they will generally take care of the paperwork.

If you have decided to get a vanity plate you have to check the availability of your desired combination. You may be charged additional fees as well.

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Is Utah a two-plate

Utah is a two-plate state which means you have to attach both rear and front decals. However, trailers and motorcycles should have only the rear one attached.

Don't forget to renew your registration

Each year you should renew your registration. You won't forget the due date as the DMV generally mails a reminder letter with all the necessary details on it.


You can renew your registration online, in person, or via mail. In case you have lost your registration stickers, decals, or title, you can apply for a replacement. It is a quick process. If you think your decals have been stolen you should notify the police.

Transferring your Utah License Plates

To transfer the current tags to a new vehicle, you must be the owner of it. If so, all you need to do is to visit the nearest UT DMV office with the required paperwork. Below you can find the list of necessary documents you have to take with you:

First of all, you need to submit your current plates. The DMV will examine them to ensure that they are still readable.