Registering Vehicles Utah

All drivers in Utah must register and title their vehicles if they intend to use them within the state. In most circumstances, registration is done in person at the nearest DMV. You must complete the application form within 30 days after making the purchase.

Utah Vehicle Registration Requirements

To register your vehicle in Utah you have to visit the nearest DMV and fill in the application form. If you’ve recently obtained your residency, you have two months to complete all their processes. On the application day, you should have the below-mentioned documents with you:
  • Completed and signed TC-656 form.
  • Out-of-state title and registration, if available.
  • TC-661 form to submit your automobile is inspected.
  • VIN
  • Emission testing certificate, if you have any.
  • Cheques of relevant payments.
If you made a purchase with the help of a dealer it’s their responsibility to take care of the paperwork. In case of a private sale, you have to do it by yourself. To register a vehicle bought from a private sale, provide the following items to your local DMV office:
  • Signed title
  • A valid driver's permit
  • Proof of insurance.
  • Temporary permit fee $6
You will obtain a temporary permit that enables you to drive legally while their request is being processed.

Transferring and Surrendering

You may transfer your existing registration to a new automobile. Take into account, that you must be the owner of the new one.
To transfer the ownership to your new automobile or motorcycle you have to submit the following papers:
  • Current Utah License Plates
  • Valid UT DL
  • Title
  • Insurance certificate
  • Required charges

Applicable Fees

There are applicable fees and charges whenever you enlist your car or motorcycle. The cost of services may vary based on the production year, the weight of the transport, and the county you live in.
The costs that depend on the automobile’s age are determined as uniform fees. All the residents have to pay uniform charges in addition to county and weight charges.
Generally, the unform prices are as follows:
  • No more than 3 years old are $150.
  • 3 to no more than 6 years old are $110.
  • 6 to less than 9 years old are $80.
If you ever need a replacement you have to pay a $4 duplicate payment.
There are also payments in case of obtaining license plates:
  • Vanity ones are $16.
  • Standard license plates are $12.
  • Special group decals are $17.

Replacement and Surrendering

In case you ever lose or damage your decals, stickers, or any other documents connected to your car, you can apply to get a replacement. To apply for a replacement you have to visit the office or submit a request via mail. The mail must include your proof of identity, Driver’s License, number tags, TC-123 request form, and cheques.
If you no longer operate your car, move to another state or just buy a new one, you may surrender your registration. You have to visit the nearest seat, fill out the necessary documents of surrendering as well as give the employees your current decals.