Utah License Plates Forms

Actually, Utah provides numerous opportunities to complete the requirements online. In reality, the Department of Transportation has made all of the essential forms available online. You can just print them, fill them out, and sign them.
All of the forms that are currently available are given below.

Application Forms

DLD6a is for the Application For License
SS-5 is for the Application for a Social Security Card
The application for Utah Motor Vehicle Identification Number is Form TC-162.
To get a Utah personalized license plate you have to fill in the Form TC-817.
Form TC-123 is for the Application for Utah Duplicate Title.
To obtain a VIN for a repaired vehicle or a vehicle that has lost its original VIN, complete the Application for Utah Motor Vehicle Identification Number.

Utah Buying & Selling Forms

When transferring ownership of a vehicle in Utah, use Utah Buying & Selling Form as proof of transaction.
Give the buyer the Notice to Buyer of Car Originally Delivered for Sale in a Country Other Than the United States if the vehicle was purchased or sold in another country.
The Odometer Disclosure Statement requires filling in the form TC-891.

Commercial Forms

CDL-42 is for Commercial Driver License Medical Self Certification.
You have to submit your driver’s health status to the DLD by completing the 649-F Medical Examination Report for the Commercial Driver Fitness Determination form.
Medical Examiner's Certificate requires an MCSA-5876 form.

Military Forms

If you have lately driven a commercial vehicle while serving in the military you can complete the CDL-ST WVR Application for Military Skills Test Waiver.
Disabled Person And Physician Disability Certification can be obtained by completing the TC-842 form.

Other relevant forms

The certificate Of Inspection is Form TC-661
Form TC-810 - Exemption of Utah Safety and Emission Requirements for Vehicles Not in Utah
To confirm ownership of a vehicle you need an Ownership Statement that is Form TC-569A.
All the drivers have to pass a vision test before they can obtain a Utah driver’s license: Driver Vision Evaluation
In case you have faced an accident and must file the details to the DMV you have to fill in the "Accident/Incident Report" (Form T-840A)
UT Vehicle Surveillance Inspection requires a signed and completed 5310/5311 form.
Use 76 Voter Registration and Absentee Ballot Request Federal Post Card Application form to register to vote AND/OR obtain an absentee ballot if you're a US citizen residing outside of your voting jurisdiction.
Request for a hearing to the Utah Justice Court of a traffic ticket/violation with completing and mailing the DLD the Rev. 2016 Notice of Appeal from Justice Court.