Utah License Plates FAQ

Can I give the buyer of my automobile my license plates?

No. You cannot give the buyer your vehicle's license plates. You may only transfer them to a new car that you own. Otherwise, you'll have to give them up.

How can I get Utah personalized license plates?

You can get Utah personalized plates online at the Motor Vehicle Portal, or you can fill out and sign Form TC-817 (Application For Personalized Plates). later, you have to bring the signed and filled-out request form to the nearest office. You can use up to three-letter and number combinations.

May I proceed with the application for the Personalized Plates online?

Yes, you can. You have to enter the Utah Motor Vehicle Portal and sign in. Later you must complete the request form, submit your proof of identity as well as valid driver’s license and wait for your plates. In all cases, it’s necessary to run a quick Utah License Plate Lookup to see if the combination you want is available at the moment.

How many characters can I use on a personalized plate?

In general, Utah License Plates can have up to seven characters. However, the "In God We Trust" plate can only contain up to five characters.

How can I find out if the phrase I want on my personalized license plate is available?

The easiest way to find out if the phrase you want is available for a Utah License Plate, you can log in to Motor Vehicle Portal and run a lookup. Another way is to contact the local DMV office and request an in-person lookup.

I have damaged or lost my license plates. Can I replace them?

Yes, you can. If you have lost or damaged your license plates you can just request new ones. You have to pay a visit to the nearest office and complete an application form. Take the remaining plate, if available, with you. You may be charged replacement fees based on your vehicle and license type.
  • Bill of lading if available
  • Title Certificate
  • Insurance
  • Driver's ID
  • Payment Cheques

How long will it take for my personalized plates to arrive?

Actually, it may take up to eight weeks after submitting the application. By that time, DMV will give you temporary license plates to be able to drive legally.

I am disabled, either permanently or temporarily. What is the procedure for obtaining a parking placard or a license plate?

You have to visit the local office and apply for a disabled person parking placard or plate. However, before heading to the office, you have to pass a medical examination and get proof you have a disability.

I lost my parking placard. How do I get a new one?

Whenever you notice that your parking placard is lost, contact the law enforcement department that issued it. They will guide you on further actions.