Vehicle Titles in Utah

All the drivers have to get a title for their vehicles. Drivers must obtain, complete, and submit an application for a certificate of title with the DMV in order to obtain car ownership. The automobile’s “pink slip” is the most reliable proof of vehicle ownership.

Application Process

Whenever you buy an automobile in Utah, you have to get a car title. If you have made a purchase with a help of a dealer, they help you out to submit all the paperwork. To obtain the ownership you have to submit the bill of sale signed by both seller and buyer. Other necessary documents are:
  • Taxes and other applicable payments.
  • Inspection certificate.
  • Odometer statement.
  • Proof of identity as well as valid Driver’s License.
“Pink slip” requests have to include your signature, the trademark, model, and year, as well as the number of cylinders and identification number. If you have made a purchase with a help of a dealer, you will also require the dealer's statement or bill of sale, which contains info about any existing liens.

Registration Without Titling

Actually, you don't need the title to register your automobile or motorcycle. If you have an out-of-state auto designation, you have to transfer it to the UT within two months days after moving in.
If the law authorities may verify your out-of-state registration, you can register your vehicle in Utah. If you own a motorcar or a motorcycle that is older than those produced in 1988 and later, you have to submit additional information when asking for a certificate.


If you have lost or damaged your “pink slip”, you have to request a replacement. The DMV reviews your application and lets you know when you may receive a new one. Generally, it takes up to 7 days.
Your documents will include a stamp indicating the phrase “duplicate. Even if you find the previous certificate, the new one becomes your vehicle's lawful slip as soon as you acquire it.

Transferring the ownership

Actually, you can transfer the ownership of an auto in UT. When a used automobile is sold, buyers and sellers undergo transferring process.
In case there are two or more owners of the car, there may be two conjunctions:
  • “And” means that all the owners have to sign the bill of sale.
  • “Or” means that one of them is allowed to sign out the statements.
To finish the process you should fill out a Duplicate request form for the DMV. The requirements may vary from county to county, but, generally, you need the original car slip from the seller or a completed Application for a Duplicate. You have to provide proof of identity as well.
Under Utah law, you must meet the following requirements to accomplish a transfer:
  • First and foremost, you have to receive an identity number inspection.
  • Second, you should complete an emissions inspection.
  • You should send all required payment cheques.
  • Finally, before going to the local office, make sure you have all of the necessary records and applicable documents.
It is important to note that if you are the owner and sell your vehicle, the existing registration will expire immediately. Within 20 days, you must remove all license plates and return them to the local office.