Vehicle Registration and Fees

The amount you must pay when registering your automobile varies based on vehicle type, fuel usage, county, and other things. The DMV's different taxes and fees are specified but are not limited to, the following article.

Registration Fees

Each vehicle owner is required to pay a registration fee for the initial application. After, they will be an annual renewal expense charged.
Motorcycles and passenger vehicles are subject to six months of registration. Generally, prices vary depending on the type of car, weight, county, and other considerations.
As already mentioned the prices that are required from ALL automobiles are based on different factors. So, let’s have a look at each requirement and the applicable payment.

Charges based on the Vehicle Type




$34.50 – $46

MV (12,000 pounds or less)

$33.50 – $44

MV (12,000 – 14,000 pounds)


Trailer or Semitrailer (over 750 pounds)


Vintage (40 yrs old and older)


Trailer or Semitrailer (less than 750 pounds)


Vintage (less than 40 yrs)


Charges Based on the Year of Registration



2019 (electric)


2019 (hybrid electric)


2021 (plug-in electric)


2021 (hybrid electric)


2020 (hybrid electric)


Charges Based on the Vehicle Age

For Passenger cars or motorcycles that are less than 3 years old the cost of enrollment is $150. Those who are less than 6 years old cost $110. If the automobile or the motorcycle is less than 12 yrs old it would cost $50.
What concerns small cars, the main price list is mentioned below:
  • Those less than 3 yrs are $25.
  • For less than 6 yrs aged cars are $15.
  • And if the production year is 6 or more yrs the price would be $10.

Applicable Taxes

The purchase price is used to calculate sales and use tax. Cash payments, loan payoffs, and transactions are all factors to consider.
Trades are only permitted between vehicles and must take place at the same time and be documented in the same transaction. All other trades have a monetary value and are taxed.

Corridor Fee

The following counties apply a $10 charge on each registration within the county for local option highway building and transportation corridor preservation:
  • Salt Lake City
  • Davis
  • Weber
  • Summit
  • Iron Box Elder, Wasatch
  • Washington
  • Morgan